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The dried red bodies of an insect (Coccus Cacti) found in Mexico are
named Cochineal.


(For 1 lb. wool.) Mordant with Bichromate of Potash (3%). Dye for 1 to
2 hours with 3 oz. to 6 oz. cochineal. With alum mordant (25%) a
crimson colour is got. With tin mordant (10%) a scarlet. With iron
mordant (6%) a purplish slate or lilac.


Mordant with 6 per cent Stannous Chloride and 4 per cent Cream of
Tartar, boiling 1 hour. Dye with 15 to 20 per cent Cochineal, boil for
1 hour.

Enter in both mordant and dye bath, cool, and raise slowly to the
boil. To obtain a yellow shade of scarlet, a small quantity of Flavin,
Fustic, or other yellow dye may be added to the dye bath.


(1 lb.) Into the same bath, put 1 oz. tin, 1/8 oz. oxalic acid, 4 oz.
cochineal. Enter silk and boil for 1 hour. With less oxalic acid, a
less scarlet colour will be obtained.


Mordant with 20 per cent alum or with 15 per cent alum and 5 per cent
Tartar. Dye in separate bath, after well washing, with 8 to 15 per
cent cochineal. Boil 1 hour. A slight addition of ammonia to the dye
bath renders the shade bluer.


(1 lb.) Mordant with Alum. Dye with 2 oz. Madder, 2-1/2 ozs.
Cochineal, 1/4 oz. Oxalic Acid and 1/2 oz. tin.

(6). PURPLE (for 5 lbs.)

Mordant with 3 ozs. Chrome. Wash. Dye for 2 to 3 hours with 13 ozs.
Cochineal, which has been boiled for 10 minutes before entering wool.
A tablespoonful of vinegar added to the dye bath helps the colour.
Wash thoroughly.

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