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(Stannous chloride, tin crystals, tin salts, muriate of tin.)

Tin is not so useful as a mordant in itself, but as a modifying agent
with other mordants. It must always be used with great care, as it
tends to harden the wool, making it harsh and brittle. Its general
effect is to give brighter, clearer and faster colours than the other
mordants. When used as a mordant before dyeing, the wool is entered
into the cold mordant bath, containing 4 per cent of stannous
chloride and 2 per cent oxalic acid; the temperature is gradually
raised to boiling, and kept at this temperature for 1 hour. It is
sometimes added to the dye bath towards the end of dyeing, to
intensify and brighten the colour. It is also used with cochineal for
scarlet on wool in the one bath method.

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