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Indigo Extract 4 To 6 Lbs Wool

Mordant[E] 25% Alum. Stir 2 to 3 ozs. Indigo extract into the water of
dye bath. The amount is determined by the depth of shade required.
When warm, enter the wool and bring slowly to boiling point (about 1/2
an hour) and continue boiling for another 1/2 hour. By keeping it
below boiling point while dyeing, better colours are got, but it is
apt to be uneven. Boiling levels the colour but makes the shade
greener. This is corrected by adding to the dye bath a little logwood,
10 to 20 per cent which should be boiled up separately, strained, and
put in bath before the wool is entered; too much logwood dims the
colour. Instead of logwood a little madder is sometimes used; also
Cudbear or Barwood.

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