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The Dyeing Of Cotton

The dyeing of cotton is difficult with the natural dye stuffs, there
are only a few colours which can be said to be satisfactory. The
fastest known in earlier days was Turkey red, a long and difficult
process with madder and not very practical for the small dyer. It had
its origin in India where it is still used; red Indian cotton is one
of the fastest colours known. Catechu is another excellent cotton dye
used for various shades of brown, grey and black. A cold indigo vat is
used for blue, Indigo Extract is not used. Yellows can be got with
weld, flavin, turmeric (for which cotton has a strong attraction), and
fustic. Great care is to be taken in dyeing yellow as it is not very
fast to light. Greens may be got by dyeing in the indigo vat and then
with a yellow recipe, purples from logwood with tin mordant, but
purples and greens are unsatisfactory, and not suitable to the
vegetable dyer.

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