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Plants Which Dye Yellow

Agrimony. Agrimonia Eupatoria.

Ash. Fraxinus excelsior. Fresh inner bark.

Barberry. Berberis vulgaris. Stem and root.

Birch. Leaves.

Bog Asphodel. Narthecium ossifragum.

Bog Myrtle or Sweet Gale. Myrica Gale.

Bracken. Pteris aquilina. Roots. Also young tops.

Bramble. Rubus fructicosus.

Broom. Sarothammus Scoparius.

Buckthorn. Rhamnus frangula and R. cathartica. Berries
and Bark.

Common dock. Rumex obtusifolius. Root.

Crab Apple. Pyrus Malus. Fresh inner bark.

Dyer's Greenwood. Genista tinctoria. Young shoots and

Gorse. Ulex Europaeus. Bark, flowers and young shoots.

Heath. Erica vulgaris. With Alum.

Hedge stachys. Stachys palustris.

Hop. Humulus lupulus.

Hornbeam. Carpinus Betulus. Bark.

Kidney Vetch. Anthyllis Vulnararia.

Ling. Caluna vulgaris.

Marsh Marigold. Caltha palustris.

Marsh potentil. Potentilla Comarum.

Meadow Rue. Thalictrum flavum.

Nettle. Urtica. With Alum.

Pear. Leaves.

Plum. "

Polygonum Hydropiper.

Polygonum Persecaria.

Poplar. Leaves.

Privet. Ligustrum vulgare. Leaves.

S. John's Wort. Hypericum perforatum.

Sawwort.[B] Serratula tinctoria.

Spindle tree. Euonymus Europaeus.

Stinking Willy, or Ragweed. Senecio Jacobaea.

Sundew. Drosera.

Teasel. Dipsacus Sylvestris.

Way-faring tree. Viburnum lantana. Leaves.

Weld. Reseda luteola.

Willow.[C] Leaves.

Yellow Camomile. Anthemis tinctoria.

Yellow Centaury. Chlora perfoliata.

Yellow Corydal. Corydalis lutea.

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