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Sometimes yarns or cloths have to be passed through a soap-bath after
being dyed in order to brighten up the colours or develop them in some
way. In the case of yarns this can be done on the reel washing (p. 205)
machines such as are shown in figure 25. In the case of piece goods a
continuous machine in which the washing, soaping, etc., can be carried
on simultaneously is often employed. Such a machine is shown in figure
28. It consists of a number of compartments fitted with guide rollers,
so that the cloth passes up and down several times through the liquors
in the compartment; between one compartment and another is placed a
pair of squeezing rollers. The cloth is threaded in a continuous
manner, well shown in the drawing, through the machine; in one
compartment it is treated with water, in another with soap liquor, and
another with water, and so on, and these machines may be made with
two, three or more compartments, as may be necessary for the
particular work in hand. As seen in the drawing the cloth passes in at
one end, and out at the other finished. It is usually arranged that a
continuous current of the various liquors used flows through the
various compartments, thus ensuring the most perfect treatment of the

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